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Creative Assembly’s new IP will be “the biggest multiformat project in studio history”

creative assembly new ip

Creative Assembly are hiring for what an insider at the studio tells us is “the biggest multiformat project Creative Assembly has ever undertaken.” The project is a new IP being developed by the team behind Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2.

Job ads for the new project appeared on the studio’s careers page yesterday. They don’t reveal much but we can glean a few things about the new IP from the positions Creative Assembly are hiring for – a senior meta game designer, lead systems designer, and a lead technical artist.

Creative Assembly want the meta game designer to create the framework for the game ”economy, progression and retention methods, leaderboards, challenges, world building and events.” Strongly suggesting the project is a service game with multiplayer.

The job description for the systems designer refers to “weapons, movement, abilities, gadgets, health and other underlying gameplay systems.” Which aren’t exactly unique to a particular genre, but to my mind abilities lend themselves to games that are more RPG-based in nature.

We can’t learn much from the technical artist’s job spec, unless you find “Practical experience and a strong comprehension of PBR (physical-based rendering)” particularly revealing. It does, however, mention needing to communicate ideas and techniques to “3rd parties and stakeholders.” Which could suggest Creative are working with a partner on this project, as they did with 343 Industries on Halo Wars 2.

Expect more to be revealed in the coming months.