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The Crew E3 trailer reveals game about cops and robbers; or ghost cars, maybe

The Crew

We’d heard rumours that Ubisoft Reflections, the team behind Driver: San Francisco, were hard at work on a new series called The Crew but the trailer on show at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference confirms it.

Reflection’s creative director claims that the game has the whole of the US mapped out in the game, and the game will take place in an always-on persistent world.

The game looks like a cross between Burnout and the original driver games, you’ll be racing through streets avoiding the police and trying to outrace your competitors.

You play an undercover cop trying to take down different criminal gangs around the US.

There will be co-operative missions which you can call your friends in from all over the game world to help with.

There were a lot of ambitious claims being made during this presentation. For instance, just how much of the US has actually been mapped into the game, and how persistent is this game?

According to Rob, the map that was briefly on screen looked warped, deformed to reduce the amount of land Ubi would need to map into the game.

Also, while Ubi are calling the game open world and saying that you can drive in countryside, will the game be completely open or will their be Burnout Paradise-like tracks crisscrossing a large space (though, in essence, still closed)?

Something else shown was that you can customise and design your cars on a tablet. Nifty.