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Gruesome, Overwhelmingly Positive cleaning simulator gets free demo

Crime Scene Cleaner, a simulation game in the vein of PowerWash Simulator and Viscera Cleanup Detail, has launched a free prologue on Steam.

Overwhelmingly Positive cleaning sim gets free demo: A hand in a yellow glove holds cleaning liquid, from Crime Scene Cleaner.

Audiences seem to love cleaning stuff up, at least virtually. All of the real world toil of tidying up a house or restoring a neglected property suddenly become enjoyable when presented in the form of games like Unpacking, PowerWash Simulator, or House Flipper. Even more specifically, players don’t mind the most grotesque forms of cleaning, like the gruesome tasks required by darker simulations such as Viscera Cleanup Detail or Serial Cleaner. This is clearer than ever in Crime Scene Cleaner, which has just launched a free prologue that’s been rated Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam.

Crime Scene Cleaner is an upcoming simulation game that casts players as a man who works as a crime scene cleaner for the mafia. The goal of the game is to covertly erase all traces of various killings, which involves making bodies and evidence disappear. Along the way, the cleaner can steal from the crime scenes he works at, upgrade tools of the trade, and learn more about the background of the murders he’s been sent to cover up.

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While the full version of the game is slated for Q2 2024, a free demo titled Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue is already available on Steam. It’s described as introducing the full game’s main character and showing off some of his cleaning equipment through a job taking place at a villa. You can grab Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue right here.

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