Criterion have gone off-road for their new all-terrain, multi-vehicle extreme sports game

Criterion game

Criterion Games, beloved for Burnout and their work on Need for Speed, are leaving the well-worn roads of the street and race track behind. Their new game is all about freedom. And possibly madness. 

Instead of souped up Porsches and Ford Mustangs, we’re jumping on the back of ATV. Or taking on the waves on a jetski. Or jumping out a plane in a wingsuit. Yup, Criterion are going all-out extreme sports. 

Inspired by those nauseating videos filmed on GoPro cameras and uploaded onto YouTube, the new, untitled game never leaves first person perspective. Criterion are dedicated to capturing the thrill of doing mental things on off-road buggies, swinging around in helicopters, or doing other similar dances with death. Sounds exciting.

Without even a title yet, there’s little footage to see other than placeholder yet, and no release window in sight. But this feels like something genuinely different and a little out there. With the Criterion team behind it, I can’t wait to see the first footage.