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We basically just got a new Silent Hill game, and you can try it free

Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and the classic era of survival horror inspire a gorgeous indie that just hit Steam, and you can try it free.

Crow Country Steam horror game: A young person in an arcade in Steam horror game Crow Country

The opening of Silent Hill 3 is one of the most frightening scenes in gaming history. It’s when Heather is lost inside the Lakeside Amusement Park, walking on the roller coaster track. You know something is coming – it’s that heavy, foreboding, oppressive weight of a bad dream. And when it’s played out again later in the game, it’s doubly frightening. Inspired by Konami’s groundbreaking psychological scarefest, and the classic, fixed-camera era of survival horror that brought us Resident Evil, this newly released indie feels like a new Silent Hill game, and you can even try it for free.

This is Crow Country, a new horror game by independent developer Adam Vian, under the studio label SFB Games. Directly inspired by Silent Hill 3, as well as old-school Resident Evil, and its many spiritual cousins like Parasite Eve and Cold Fear, the game follows Mara, who’s investigating the disappearance of the eponymous amusement park’s owner.

Once a thriving family attraction, Crow Country has become a twisted burlesque of camp and Americana, reminiscent of Konami’s rust-and-chain-link otherworld. Malfunctioning animatronics, seemingly sentient vending machines – it’d almost be funny, if it weren’t so frightening.

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Crow Country’s combat and puzzles draw heavily from classic survival horror, but aesthetically it’s closer to more innocuous PS1 hits like Harvest Moon. It’s a striking clash – the horrifying and the banal – that helps accentuate the game’s over and undertones. Crow Country is out on Steam right now, but if you want to try before you buy, there’s also a free demo – just head right here. Similarly, PCGamesN recently spoke with Vian about the game’s inspirations, and its direct references to Silent Hill.

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