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Save 44% on this fast Crucial SSD and get more room for PC games

The T500 is one of the faster PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives on the market, making the savings on its 1TB model an excellent storage deal.

A Crucial T500 SSD against an orange background

Equipping your system with speedy and spacious storage is becoming more important by the day as games demand more from our drives, making an SSD deal like this one, for the Crucial T500, a godsend. At almost half price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value pick for internal storage, especially given the likely future of the storage market.

While the Crucial T500 falls just short of making our best SSD shortlist, its current promotional price makes it a better value buy than our usual favorite. Whether serving as a primary or secondary drive, it’s more than equipped to load up today’s games at speed.

Falling from its usual cost of $143.99 to a much more affordable $79.99, you’re saving a welcome $64 (44%) on the Crucial T500 at this price. Should you require a heatsink, you’ll need to spend another $20 but you’ll still be $56 better off compared to the usual list price.

The T500’s read and write speeds clock in at 7,300MB/s (7.3GB/s) and 6,800MB/s (6.8GB/s), respectively. This is about as fast as you can expect PCIe 4 SSDs get but do note that you’ll need a compatible motherboard to achieve these speeds.

Picking up a solid-state drive as soon as you can seems like a wise move, given that an increase in SSD prices is expected to hit the market in the coming months, if not weeks. As such, deals that see drives like the T500 reach this level of affordability could disappear for a while, so get in while the going’s good.

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