Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods expansion announced; Scandinavian literature students rejoice


Crusader Kings II continues to press on my fascination gland by moving from updating the base game’s systems to announcing a whole new expansion, bringing with it 200 years of extra history and hundreds of new events to play through.

Crusader Kings II: Old Gods is its name and the trailer below details its game.

Here, according to Paradox,in a handy bullet-pointed list, are the additions TheOld Gods will bring:

  • Religious Turmoil: Restore the Old Gods to prominence through sacrifice and divination, or force the pagans to convert through new missionary missions.
  • Earlier start: 200 years of more gameplay with the special 867 AD bookmark.
  • Rebels With a Cause: Rebels are no longer faceless rabble, but led by defined characters with specific agendas.
  • Adventurers: Watch as landless younger sons and charismatic warriors raise armies.
  • Pillage and Prosper: Loot provinces and burn cities to the ground – lest your warlike people grow angry during extended peacetime!
  • Heathens: Convert them or play as them and survive, reforming your faith to stand the test of time.
  • Prepared Invasions: Declare your intent to invade a rich target, and watch adventurers and opportunists flock to your banner.
  • Unholy UI: A new pagan interface is available alongside all-new events, decisions, and units.

The Old Gods is set for release on the woefully unspecific date of Q2 2013. Using my crystal ball of speculation I’m guessing that means around April time.

The true boon of all of this is that considering I’m down into the gizzards of a literature module based around Scandinavian sagas I can finally find procrastination in a vaguely related game. I’m sure you are all equally happy.

Cheers, VG247.