Crusader Kings 2 v1.09 update lets you grant independence; unofficially dubbed the emancipation station


The Crusader Kings 2 update train is steaming along nicely, just last month it pulled in at backlog update, a small interim haulage stop which saw the cargo carriages loaded to the brim in antique patches with descriptions written in ye olde English…e, and aged features boarded in their droves. It’s pootled ahead in the past month, crossing the development plains at a frightening pace. So fast, in fact, that we were caught off guard by the news that it had already drawn in to emancipation station.

Yes, it is there that the feature allowing you to grant nations independence as a diplomatic gesture boarded the train (we believe he was wearing a russet cap).

That’s not the only new passenger though, read the manifest below.

Here’s the full list of new passengers and cargo. The major dignitaries are at the top, naturally. If you wish to mingle with the lower classes, they are beneath the portrait of our Nine Days’ Queen, the Lady Jane Grey.

– Merchant Republic gameplay (Duke or higher tier Republics with a coastal capital)
– Added a ‘Grant Independence’ diplomatic interaction
– Titles can now automatically change name depending on the culture of their top liege
– The Reign length opinion modifiers are now dependent on how long a character has been the liege of someone, not how long the primary title has been held
– Added 1241 Bookmark – “The Mongols”
– Save file transfer now works on Mac
– Reduced max demesne size from ruler tier, especially for Dukes
– Reduced the effect of Stewardship on max demesne size (now 15%, down from 25%.)
– Added a max demesne size bonus (+1) for dukes with more than one duchy
– Increased the Prestige effects of a rank difference in marriages by a factor of 5
– All merc regiments now grow in max size over time
– Added more mercenary bands: Finns, Lapps, Abyssinians, Nubians, Lithuanians, Scots, Irish and Alans
– Added Ultimogeniture succession law
– Added Tanistry succession law

– Fixed a bug with religions that have become or stopped being heresies not being correctly reset on reload
– Sunset Invasion: Slightly increased the arrival strength of the Aztecs
– Increased the strength of the Timurids
– Added a hidden event that clears diplomatic immunity from faction members if the faction leader dies while waiting for the liege response to an ultimatum
– When forming the Roman Empire, de jure assimilation into the Byzantine Empire is now carried over
– Fixed a bug allowing you to declare excommunication wars on lieges above your immediate liege (the war would then invalidate)
– AI: Will not attach units to allied units unless they are in the war target area
– Fixed a bug where a king who was also emperor lost the empire title in a civil war, but retained all dukes as vassals under the kingdom
– Fixed a crash in the province view
– Retinues no longer cost maintenance when you are out of money ( since they do not reinforce when you are out of money )
– Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a character was exiled from the last existing republic
– Fixed a bug with de jure withdrawal out of empires where the counter would reset and nothing would happen
– AI: Infinitesimal chance that the AI will fold to faction demands from tiny factions
– Fixed some bugs with the outcomes of the Imperial Reconquest CB
– Fixed a bug with characters not always returning correctly from foreign courts
– Fixed a CTD with the GamersGate in-game store API if there was a network error
– Forbidding councillors from leading armies is now saved
– Forbidding councillors from leading armies will no longer lead to an out of sync in multiplayer
– Fixed issue where a settlement could be awarded to an enemy after a siege was won
– Character screen no longer moves to front when it updates its data
– When creating a new unit one subunit will automatically transfer over if the selected unit has at least two
– Added a message for when someone takes over as a faction leader
– Prerequisite building missing text in building tooltip is now localized
– Fixed issue where character browser was showing some rulers when set to “all characters” and “no rulers”
– AI: Fixed a somewhat borked odds calculation vs attached units
– Army AI: Fixed an indecision issue – will be more determined to hunt down certain armies
– Army AI: Fixed a bug with splinter armies putting the whole agent into retreat mode
– Army AI: Fixed a rare collection livelock issue if a splinter army was besieging a holding
– Army AI: Fixed a glitch with the potential target province calculation due to moving enemy units
– Claimant Factions are no longer valid for non-elective titles if the claimant has no claim
– Fixed a confusing “any demesne title” trigger tooltip
– Removed the kingdom of Pommerania from the de jure HRE
– Liege levy maintenance cost is now shared with sub vassals
– The old liege now only gets weak claims on members of successful independence factions
– Fixed a rare crash in AI flank leader unit assignment
– Fixed an issue that could allow vassals of vassals to launch independence faction wars
– Independence faction wars are now invalidated if the pre-war liege becomes vassalized himself
– Fixed a bug where the successor of an Ecumenical Patriarch (or a vassal Pope) could change religion to the liege’s.
– Vassals of vassals can no longer start claimant factions for claimants in another realm
– You now correctly gain Piety for granting bishoprics to courtiers
– Muslim rulers no longer get Piety for creating a random mosque holder
– Hamburg and Celle now have ports
– Province of Alexandria adjusted to include the site of the actual city
– Gender corrections to certain characters
– Added missing parents for Roupen I of Armenia Minor
– Fixed broken House Oitir dynasty
– Fixed several Mongol characters having the wrong religion
– Constantine de Hauteville is no longer female
– Gytha Thorkelsdottir now has the correct deathdate
– Louis d’Evreux now has the correct mother
– Fixes to Václav II and descendants
– William ‘Adelin’ now has the correct deathdate
– Miscellaneous database corrections to the de Luxembourg dynasty
– Miscellaneous database corrections for the Normans and the 1st Earl of Chester
– Fixed the birthdate of Saint Louis IX of France and his brother Robert of Artois
– Switched culture for two characters from Irish to Scottish
– Fixes to Danish and Norwegian bastards
– Added the Hvide Bishops of Roskilde
– The culture of Khwarizm now changes to Turkish at the correct date
– Updated the Jarls of Västergötland
– Fixed various issues with wrong or missing mothers for Frankish characters
– Fixed the lineage of Erik III of Denmark
– Added new Maghreb Wikipedia links
– Tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch
– Fixed the spelling of the de Cuiseaux dynasty
– Corrections to the Af Sverker family
– Fixes to the ruler history of the Perigord and La Marche counties
– The Pirate King Kyrillos is now correctly imprisoned when captured through event
– Added dynasty and descendants to Umar ibn Khattab
– Fleshed out the the Rassid dynasty of Yemen
– Additions to the Banu ‘Amir dynasty and its descendants
– Various changes and additions to the Hammudid dynasty
– Added the Mayzadids of Hillah
– Updated the Scottish name list
– Minor changes and additions to the Italian name list
– The Umayyad and Hashimid now have Muslim-style Coats of Arms
– Added some missing Dukes of Brittany
– Namechanges for several Scottish characters
– Constantinople is now protected by the Theodosian Walls
– Some corrections to Swedish kings and their families
– Links for Hungarian names added
– Changes to the Baltic pagan setup
– Corrections to Birger Jarl’s family line
– All Armenian characters are now Miaphysite
– Added descriptive texts of all buildings
– Fixed issue with certain buildings referring to an obsolete Seljuk title
– Updated the credits
– Basra and Tigris now have the correct ruler in 1152
– Blocked claimant factions for vassals of vassals under Medium or higher crown authority
– Blocked most factions for vassals of vassals under Medium crown authority in addition to High and Absolute
– Fixed a problem with the limit of children for heirs
– AI: Fixed a bug with it not dismissing liege levies when done with them
– The pre-spawned 1066 conquest armies in England now suffer normal attrition
– Event spawned civil war armies now suffer normal attrition
– Made the bastard birth event (450) more common
– If married, women now fool their husbands about the parentage of children born from the bastard birth event (450)
– Fixed a bug with kingdom adjudication and barony tier titles under lieges with split allegiances
– Lowered the inheritance chance a bit for most congenital traits
– Fixed some glitches with the Mongol conversion events
– There is now a chance that the Ilkhanate will convert to Nestorianism
– There is now a small chance that the Golden Horde will convert to Nestorianism
– AI: Tweaked the effect of the Content trait on the creation and joining of Claimant factions
– AI: A bit smarter about launching claimant ultimatums
– Diplomacy View: Fixed a minor prestige tooltip issue when marrying lowborn characters
– AI: Vassals of a conqueror’s title should not support claimants of another culture
– DoW AI: Now more aware of the possibility of mercs and the military value of Gold
– AI: More keen on using mercs if even slightly outnumbered
– AI: Very rich states are now more likely to use multiple merc regiments if needed
– Renamed the merc fleets after sea zones
– Added a hidden event to disband William’s special invasion fleet
– AI: Lords and their heirs always answer each other’s call to wars
– AI: Fixed a bug that could prevent the passing of laws
– AI: Smarter about trying to institute Agnatic-Cognatic law
– Retinues are now correctly passed on to the _player_ successor, not the primary title successor
– Fixed a crash bug in the Diplo and Province views with character with a null list of enemies
– Fixed a bug where characters inherited debts
– Fixed a minor bug in the effect ‘vassalize_or_take_under_title’ that would allow vassalization of unvassalizable titles like the Hashashin
– The religious CB now vassalizes lords of your own religion in the target Duchy
– AI: Fixed an issue where lords would marry off their councillors matrilineally to lowborn courtiers
– Fixed a bug with succession law opinions of children not of their parent’s dynasty
– Optimized the line of succession calculation code
– AI: Fixed some bugs with elective successor choices
– Fixed (hopefully) a gross bankruptcy bug with the ‘transfer_scaled_wealth’ effect
– AI: External powers now more aggressive against civil war revolters
– Various code speed optimizations
– Fixed another bug with dead character in the Allies list
– AI: Husband and Wife always answer each other’s calls to war
– Reversed the order of rulers in the Title History View (latest now on top)
– Invasion AI: Fixed a bug where fleets were afraid of loaded armies on enemy fleets
– Army AI: Fixed a brain death issue when under invasion by a Mercenary company whose unit was destroyed
– Army AI: Fixed an issue where it would not raise its own demesne ships
– AI: Will tend to hand out the latest acquired baronies rather than the oldest
– The Traitor opinion is now inherited by ruler successors
– Calling someone to war now makes them dislike you by the same amount you will like them for answering
– Conquerors (rulers of conquered titles) can now call on rulers from back home (Cultural Bonds) while defending against other cultures
– Fixed a rare crash in the Diplomacy View
– The ‘vassalize_or_take_under_title’ effect now correctly restores the taker liege afterward
– Fixed a bug where certain event effects in CBs could take Patrician titles
– Fixed a bug with the backend poster not having a HTTP POST timeout
– Fixed a bug with the random seed in event effect descriptions not matching the actual effect
– Fixed a bug where rampaging mercs would make an invalid DoW
– Fixed a bug preventing you from nominating bishop successors
– Muslim pulse events are now triggered correctly
– Fixed misplaced IF in decadence_invasion
– Added additional rulers to Chalkidike in the history database
– Chancellor event while improving relations is now properly triggered
– Fixed error in polygamy event
– Fixed issue with event where a character tries to free his/her spouse
– Added missing parents to several Arabic characters
– Added additional Alan dynasties
– Fixes to several Welsh dynasty names
– Some Armenian dynasty names are now Greek as intended
– Fixed the dynasty of Udalard de Besalu
– Characters older than 50 will no longer fight in tournaments
– Fixed pronoun error in Guardian event
– Removed superfluous church opinion effect from several Muslim-only event modifiers
– Fixed issue where the wife of a courtier could suggest a new Lord Spiritual
– Fixed option effect in event 1009
– Added additional Irish and Welsh dynasties and characters
– Added missing parents for the Riyahdids
– Added Muslim Hafsids of Crete and the Anemas dynasty
– Tatikios now has Greek culture and is employed by Alexios Komnenos
– Various additions to Norwegian and Irish family trees

– The event trigger and effect ‘any_faction_backer’ without a ‘faction’ field now work for the backers of all factions
– The ‘copy_title_history’ effect now also copies de jure assimilation
– Fixed some bugs with the ‘de_jure_liege_or_above’ and ‘de_jure_vassal_or_below’ triggers
– Character event flags are now shown in the portrait debug tooltip
– The modifier ‘assassinate_chance_modifier’ on the acting ruler now has an effect
– Added trigger ‘is_at_sea’
– Added trigger ‘is_patrician’
– Added trigger ‘is_merchant_republic’
– Removed unused on actions ‘on_siege_won’ and ‘on_siege_list’.
– Added on action ‘on_siege_over’ which triggers for all characters in the province
– Exported DOGE_SUCC_RANDOM_FACTOR to defines
– Added effects ’embargo’ and ‘lift_embargo’
– Added trigger ‘has_trade_post’
– Added event target ‘trade_post_owner’
– Added event effect ‘seize_trade_post’
– Added ‘attrition’ field to the ‘spawn_unit’ effect. This is an attrition multiplier.
– Added ‘cuckoo’ (impregnation) console command
– Added ‘culture = random’ to ‘create_character’ and related event effects
– Added ‘rep_trade_posts’ Plot type
– Added define ‘ENFORCE_ONE_OF_EACH_HOLDING’ (Require players to build at least one City, Temple and Castle in each province)
– Added event target ‘plot_target_province’
– Added a ‘capital_holding’ event target
– Added trigger ‘num_of_trade_posts’
– Added trigger ‘num_of_trade_post_diff’
– Added event trigger ‘any_trade_post’
– Added event effect ‘any_trade_post’
– Added event effect ‘random_trade_post’
– Added ‘same_religion = yes’ field to the effect ‘vassalize_or_take_under_title’. It will only vassalize rulers of the taker’s religion
– Added ‘is_patrician’ filter to events
– Increased max demesne size limit for Patricians by 1 (define DEMESNE_MAX_SIZE_PATRICIAN)
– Added trigger ‘any_attacker’ (war scope)
– Added trigger ‘any_defender’ (war scope)
– Added ‘inherit’ field to opinion modifiers

Thanks, Steam news.