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Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome announced, features “cranky and disgruntled vassals” and new faction system


Crusader Kings is an international pariah sim, a procedural HBO show detailing the trials of a life born to nobility and the barely concealed hatred of all. Familial conniving and backstabbing not demoralising enough for you? Fortunately for you, your Loneliness, Legacy of Rome is to introduce a new faction system for the serfs to more firmly express their distaste for you. You’ll be able to peer nervously over the walls of Constantinople to watch their revolt, a show dramatically lit by the burning Roman Empire.

Elsewhere in this Byzantine-flavoured expansion, the new setting will come with appropriate events and decisions to fumble desperately through, while your generals’ skills will have a greater influence on the outcome of battles through Leader Focus – making Crusader Kings even more definitively a game of personalities.

See below for the full list of new additions:-

New Faction System: Join a royal faction and use your allies in the party to enhance your strength and tear down rivals

Raise Standing Armies: You will now be able to use retinues to have standing armies in your domain: the size of which is determined by technology

Experience Factional Revolts: No more easily defeated rebellions. Disgruntled vassals will now band together in revolt against your rule through their faction

Appoint Orthodox Patriarchs: Orthodox kingdoms and empires can now control their own heads of religion and their powers, instead of being dependent on the patriarch of Constantinople

Streamlined Mobilization: You will always raise a single, larger levy from your direct vassal; no need to worry about the opinions of the lower vassals

Leader Focus on Combat: Appoint your generals wisely, their traits and skills are now of vital importance on the field of battle. More commander traits are now added to increase the importance of your choice of military leaders

Byzantium Comes Alive: New sets of decisions and events specifically designed with the Byzantine Empire in mind

Improve your ruler: You can now actively strive to improve your skills or traits through the new Self-Improvement Ambitions