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CryEngine 3 demo takes us to the African savannah in the name of urban development


I’m not saying this CryEngine 3 demo is classically pretty or anything, but it’s soundtracked by Mozart’s Concerto no. 20 in D Minor.

The demo, which is two parts Far Cry 2, one part Gran Turismo, a dash of ground-level SimCity and a sprinkle of what appears to be a perfectly lovely holiday off the coast of Naples, is the work of business software solutions specialists Enodo.

Unlike Crytek, who seem content to use their engine to make New York collapse in on itself over and over, Enodo are “designing virtual realities for real life business applications” in CryEngine 3.

The point they’re hoping to prove with the video is that “mechanisms governing the world of video games are powerful and will revolutionize the way to understand urban or industrial projects, their development, and their communication”.

Now that I know the ins and outs of The Knife of Dunwall’s whale slaughterhouse better than I do my own childhood bedroom, I’m inclined to agree.