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Crypt of the Necrodancer trailer announces Steam Early Access release date


Crypt of the Necrodancer is headed to Steam Early Access on the 30 July,expect your local corpse depository to thrum with the sound of bassy hits. the roguelike dungeon crawler has you explore and attack enemies to the beat of the music – only allowing you to score hits on enemies by acting in time with the music.

The new trailer reveals some of games soundtrack and it is awesome.

Crypt’s score was written by Danny Baranowsky, composer on Super Meat Boy and Canabalt. It shows:

You control your momvent and attacks with the arrow keys but you can only act on the beat of the music, so if you get close enough to an enemy to hit them and then fudge the attack you’re left open to them. You can perform more powerful abilities by learning directional combos that have to be tapped out to the beat of the music, too.

Levels are generated from an mp3’s bass track so as well as the music provided with the game you can use your own music library.

Here’s a couple more tracks from the soundtrack:

You can check out more of Baranowsky’s music on his Band Camp page.