Crysis 2 not pretty enough for you? MaLDoHD will fix that


is a graphics mod for Crysis 2 that seriously improves the look of the
game, from the textures to the anti-aliasing, and as of this weekend
gone it’s up to version 4.0. It’s an enormous mod, weighing in at a
whopping, 2.5Gb, but that’s because it makes sweeping changes to the
look of the game. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Have a gander
at a few more screenshots, just after the break.

Here’s how pretty things get:

Of course, the best way to understand the difference this mod can make is with a side-by-side comparison, so let’s whip one of those up:

The original Crysis 2 is on the left, while on the right you can see the greater environmental detail this mod brings, such as the ivy, the better textures and the raised brickwork, which has much more definition to it. That’s not an image that allows you to see much detail up close, so here’s a more close-up shot of just one of the many things that this mod improves, that being the foliage:

Again, the modified version of the game is on the right, showing you much more detail in the leaves, including the actual distinct shape of maple leaves, rather than something more generic. The mod is replete with such details and, if you’re not yet convinced, you can find many more comparison images here.

You can grab the mod itself from this website
and you’d be wise to go through the installation guide first, which
takes you through a fairly straightforward setup and recommends you use
DirectX 11 for best results. Most importantly, you shouldn’t play with
the in-game graphics options, which could break the mod’s own

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