Crysis 3 Cause and Effect trailer shows Prophet healing people and spreading good will. Only kidding, he shoots everyone


In the latest Crysis 3 trailer Crytek show how they continue to shake up the traditions of the first-person shooter genre by developing a game where you visit battlefields and ,using a special bullet hoover, suck the death-dealing lead rounds out of soldiers, resurrecting them to start life anew as a better person, while walking backwards… wait, no, the video’s being played backwards; he’s just killing everyone.

When the only way tomake your hero seem like less of a meanie is to play a video in reverse it might be cause to return to the writer’s room. It’s not that you can’t have someone be the goodie and shoot people, I mean Bruce Willis has been making a “killing” out of that line of work for years. The problem with Crysis is that it’s a man in a super-enhanced suit killing other men in suits and no one can remember why one lot of the people in suits are the baddies.

Still, Crysis three is set to release on 22 February. You may wish to begin building up positive karma between now and then so that your soul can take the hit.