Crysis 3 multiplayer beta downloaded by 3 million, pre-orders 35% higher than Crysis 2


Correlation is a dangerous art, but here’s something I’ve noticed. Over Christmas, our Steve rated Crysis 3’s signature weapon four bows out of arrow. Now, everybody’s been digging into the multiplayer segments of its exoskeleton, playing and discussing it, and buying the thing ahead of its release next Friday. Just two things that have happened. All I’m saying.

EA say that fans have praised not only the game’s “gorgeous” visuals, but also the “unparalleled power of the Nanosuit”, which is a surprise to me – I can’t imagine it’s the stuff of water cooler chat. And yet those same fans have also reportedly gobbled up every sighting of it on the Crysis YouTube channel, to the tune of 16 million views.

The beta’s still available for download on Origin, if you can run it, with two maps playable in both Crash Site and the Predator-like Hunter mode. Here are some pointers:

What do you think of the multiplayer so far? Any thoughts to share on the unparalleled power of the nanosuit?