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Crysis 3 multiplayer supports more players on PC than on consoles


A month ago, our Jules enthused about Crysis 3’s Hunter mode, a Predator-aping multiplayer showdown in which two be-nanosuited players are tasked to take out a squad of troopers one by one, with each victim joining the ranks of the hunters as they fall.

While the mode appears on both consoles and PCs, it looks like hunters are to have the odds stacked further against them – at least initially – on our fair platform, where the player count will be higher.

“Crysis 3 multiplayer will support 12 players on consoles, and 16 on PC,” said producer Mike Reed in a new trailer.

At GamesCom, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli told us that Crysis 3’s “primary design choices” were being made for PC first, consoles second.

“So the difference with Crysis 3, from Crysis 2, is because the PC generation is so far ahead now from consoles, that we are leading our primary design choices, PC first,” said Yerli. “And then we’re compromising and trying to find a solution on the consoles to make it happen.”

See the rest of Crytek’s new multiplayer trailer – Crash Site mode, mech control and all – in all its boastful glory below. Sold yet?