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Crytek are making Crysis 3’s “primary design choices” for PCs first, consoles second


Earlier this month we heard that Crytek are working with high-end PC setups to test their games for next-gen consoles. At GamesCom, we pursued the matter with CEO Cervat Yerli, who told us that Crytek are no longer letting the limitations of creaking current gen console boxes hold back Crysis.

“So the difference with Crysis 3, from Crysis 2, is because the PC generation is so far ahead now from consoles, that we are leading our primary design choices, PC first,” said Yerli. “And then we’re compromising and trying to find a solution on the consoles to make it happen.”

Playing Crysis 3 on PC will mean you’re going to “get a truly new experience” technically-speaking, Yerli continued: “On consoles you’re going to get the maximising of the current generation, but there’s some limitations on what the consoles can do.”

Yerli pinpoints DirectX 11 as one of the keys to the PC’s unique power. “DirectX 11 technology just doesn’t exist on consoles. DirectX 11 as a platform allows you to get much more cinematic rendering quality than is capable on consoles. So you would have to wait for the next generation to replicate what the PC game would be able to do.”

Crytek really do want to bring back the phrase, “Can it run Crysis?”. And it sounds like they’re well on their way.