Topic of the Week: Is the CSGOLotto scandal the end of CSGO skin gambling?

CSGO Topic of the Week

There’s only one thing on everyone’s minds this week – the CSGOLotto gambling scandal and how it’s going to end. Everyone’s got opinions and we definitely want to hear yours, hence the very existence of Topic of the Week.

There are those that believe it will blow over as soon as another topic takes hold on subreddits and Twitter, as it so often does. There are others who think it has now reached a critical point, and this latest scandal is just the last straw on a very, very tired skin-gambling camel. Where do you stand?

With a massive CS:GO tournament taking place this week, the focus of the subreddit has already moved on. That said, those who believe they were hurt by the situation have begun to contact lawyers in their droves. Exactly how much of what these folks were doing was actually illegal is also still up for debate, though most sources seem to agree that the answer is at least “some.”

Let us know below what you think – it’s a story that’s definitely not over yet.