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The best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrades

These are the best Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrades to pick by sucking up that precious Devotion and turning it into toilets, farms, and more

Cult of the Lamb Shrine: Divine Inspiration

Wondering which Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrades you should choose for your cult base? The only way to keep your followers happy and progress through the cute-but-dark roguelike game is to upgrade your base. Those demanding followers require such luxuries as working toilets and somewhere to sleep (how dare they?), but those can only be built once you’ve unlocked them with Divine Inspiration. Then you can get building, activating the simulation game aspect of Cult of the Lamb, and hopefully prevent a messy uprising.

One of the first things you’ll build when you start your cult is the central shrine at which your followers show their devotion to you. That Devotion is then collected and turned into Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration, which you need to upgrade your base. The more upgrades you unlock, the more expensive they get, so consider your options carefully. Here’s our look at some of the best cult upgrades Devotion can buy.

 Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration unlocked

Best Divine Inspiration cult upgrades in Cult of the Lamb

When you first unlock the Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrade tree, you can see every path available and start to plan which upgrades you’d like to prioritise. Every option and path has its own value, but a lot of it comes down to how you want to run your cult.

Essential cult upgrades

Each tier of Divine Inspiration unlocks once you’ve spent a specific amount of Divine Inspiration, and most start with a compulsory cult upgrade. You’d want this upgrade compulsory or not, though, as it improves your temple and shrine allowing more followers to pray and increasing the amount of Devotion that can be collected. Tier 3, however, forces you to unlock the Refinery instead, but you do need this to make materials required later in the game.

Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration: Cult III

Unlocks required for each tier:

  • Cult II, Tier 2: Four unlocks
  • Refinery, Tier 3: Ten unlocks
  • Cult III, Tier 4: 20 unlocks
  • Cult IV, Tier 5: 25 unlocks

It’s worth mentioning that you are not required to implement the chosen cult upgrades to reach the new tier, you simply need to unlock the blueprint. Since each unlock requires a significant amount of Devotion, though, you don’t want to waste it.

Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration: shelter

Sleeping quarters: Shelter and Grand Shelter

Your followers need somewhere to sleep, or they’ll get upset pretty quickly and may dissent. Sleeping Bags are a very basic upgrade, available at Tier 1 of the Divine Inspiration tree. They also require fixing every few nights which consumes precious lumber. You’ll quickly want to upgrade these to Tier 2’s Shelters, which provide cover and break down less quickly.

The Grand Shelter, though, isn’t available until Tier 4, but is worth working towards. Not only does the Grand Shelter never collapse, but it will also collect Devotion from followers while they sleep, in turn working towards more Divine Inspiration. This should probably be the first upgrade you choose when you reach Tier 4.

Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration: Farming Bundle

Farming Bundle

The Farming Bundle is available at Tier 1 of the Divine Inspiration tree, as soon as you’ve unlocked the basic Farm Plot. In order to keep your followers well fed, you’ll need a farm area. The great thing about the Farming Bundle is that you no longer need to tend to your plots, and can put one of your followers to work on them for you – that’s what they’re for, after all.

Hygiene: Outhouse and Janitor’s Station

Poor cult sanitation will lead to low follower health, and you might find yourself in a vicious circle of vomit and illness. Bodily functions and even illness are both inevitable when you feed your followers, especially with the early recipes available to you, so you’ll spend a fair amount of your time cleaning up mess. Well, that’s surely not the role expected of a mighty cult leader such as yourself, so the sooner you build an Outhouse and Janitor’s Station the better. The role of the Outhouse is obvious – it’s a toilet – and the Janitor’s Station allows followers to clean up their own mess.

If you aren’t concerned about your followers’ complaints, you can stick to just the Janitor’s Station, and they’ll continue eliminating their bowels outside. At least you know it will be cleaned up regardless.

Available at Tier 3, the Janitor Station and Outhouse are not mutually exclusive. They also only require Sleepings Bags and Shelter to be unlocked before them, both of which you will likely want anyway.

Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration: Demonic Summoning Circle

Demonic Summoning Circle

More of a luxury than the previous upgrades, the Demonic Summoning Circle is an excellent cult improvement if you need a little help on crusades. Building the Summoning Circle allows you to transform a follower into their demonic form for the duration of one crusade. The demon will accompany you on your next crusade, bringing with them a specific buff. Once you return to the cult, the follower will return to their original form.

You can unlock the Demonic Summoning Circle at Tier 2, with an upgrade available at Tier 3 which allows two demons at a time. The only prerequisite for the summoning circle is Farm Plot, which you’ll probably unlock anyway.

Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration Rituals

Ritual improvements: Cheaper Rituals and Ritual Cooldowns

Rituals are going to be one of the main ways of increasing your cult’s faith if it gets low, as some rituals can massively improve faith in seconds. Other rituals, such as sacrificing a follower, will grant you additional strength and weapons. Since they offer such good bonuses, these rituals have high price tags and a long cool down.

Cheaper Rituals and Ritual Cooldowns are pretty self-explanatory cult upgrades, but they are definitely worth unlocking. Cheaper Rituals is unlocked at Tier 3 and halves Ritual cost, while Ritual Cooldowns halves the wait, and is unlocked at Tier 4.

In order to unlock both of these upgrades in the Divine Inspiration tree, you must first select the Sleeping Bags, Offering Statues and Tabernacle. Unfortunately, the latter two aren’t hugely worthwhile alone, but they’re worth it to get to the ritual improvements.

These are just some of the Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration upgrades available, and while we consider them among the most valuable, others may suit your game more. If you’re still new to cult leadership, it might be worthwhile taking a look at our beginner’s guide, complete with tips to help you outside of your cult’s grounds as well as in. And for when your followers are showering you in faith, take a look at which Cult of the Lamb Doctrines you might want to unlock.