Roguelike card game Cultist Simulator releases next month

Cultist simulator trailer

Cultist Simulator, the next game from Alexis Kennedy, the developer of Sunless Sea, will launch next month. A launch trailer, which you can watch above, says that the game will release on May 31.

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Cultist Simulator is a roguelike narrative card game, set in the 1920s. You play as a seeker of “unholy mysteries” in a game where your choices and deck-building shape the entire narrative. You can combine cards to change each playthrough, and the game’s lore will develop across different playthroughs.

The trailer shows off the gameplay and how some of the card combinations work, as well as teasing some of the more cryptic events you’ll encounter as you work through the game. Reading into that, things seem to get pretty eerie pretty quickly, and that’s something I imagine will only get worse as you progress.

You can check out the Cultist Simulator Steam page here. The game was first announced back in October 2016, and will release next month.