Free games: Win a Steam key for new Lovecraftian card game Cultist Simulator!

Cultist Simulator

Your parents probably told you not to join a cult. It should rank highly among the many tidbits of advice they give to you over the years. But, for this one time, we want you to ignore the good word of mum and dad. Instead, we’re going to tell you that you should join a cult. How? By playing Cultist Simulator. 

This is a new narrative-based card game rooted in the occult arts, and has you exploring the world of hidden gods and secret histories that lays underneath our own reality.

If that’s not enticing enough then know this: it’s made by Weather Factory, which is a studio led by Alexis Kennedy, who was one of the lead designers on Fallen London and Sunless Sea.

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The idea in Cultist Simulator is for you to start your own cult, recruit followers, and then obtain your own lofty, Lovecraftian goals. It’s all sacrifices, rituals, and black magic. Failure can be as fun as success, too, as it’s all woven together into a thrilling story. The game’s roguelike structure means you can play it over and over to get different results as well.

Now, as to how it all works, Cultist Simulator plays out on a table where an expanding collection of cards lays before you. Many of these cards represent your shady actions and the mysterious items you can acquire. You just slide them into action slots, which are linked to dreams, studies, and conversation. And so the game progresses.

Through this tactical system you’re able to manipulate your believers, dodge authorities, and commit to sinful behaviours before death inevitable comes for you. There are good and bad endings to achieve, which are determined by the research you do and resources you manage to accumulate while you’re alive.

Now, to celebrate Cultist Simulator coming out on PC today, we are giving away Steam keys for it to 50 lucky winners. If you want to be one of those winners then you need to enter our competition via the widget below.

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