Forget RGB case mods, PC gaming is all about (safe) lasers now


Gaming PC laser beam

I know, I know. You were just finishing up the final touches to your RGB gaming build and another cool fad has come along to take its place. Luckily this one compliments your lovely LEDs rather than replaces them, and once you gaze (indirectly and with proper eye protection) upon this gaming PC fit with laser beams, yes laser beams, you’ll be smitten.

Only a smoke machine away from a 90’s nightclub, this gaming PC would make for quite the psychoactive mood setter. With a few reflective mirrors and an Amazon-bought laser, Reddit user CosmicAcension25 managed to jury-rig a rather spectacular light show within an NZXT tempered glass PC case. It’s even available in red, green, and blue to really drive home our RGB hubris. Bravo.

Alongside a shinier-than-thou Nvidia RTX 2070 Super and infinity-effect NZXT AiO cooler, this user’s gaming PC is truly lit. Geddit? Anyways, the mod is altogether available for around $50. But before you rush off to pick all the parts up, make sure to read the small print and safety precautions.

Quick disclaimer time. When a laser’s involved there’s the very real danger of permanent eye damage – especially if you’re bouncing it all over the place. Make sure that you wear effective eye protection at all times and never go looking down the barrel – no good will come of it, promise. Also, make sure to check your country’s regulations and laws on which, if any, lasers you’re able to purchase.

For a first time build, this one’s a beaut. Making your custom gaming PC your own is just one of the joys of PC building. Another joy is forgetting to put the I/O shield on prior to building your entire PC – such fun we have. Just bear in mind it might be best to gaze slack-jawed at this gorgeous rig through the medium of digital photography, as opposed to first-hand through your retinas or by dropping acid in a small-town rave in Northampton.

Thanks CosmicAcension25 for use of their images… and for putting the build together, of course.