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This custom gaming keyboard spacebar houses adorable Pokemon

You can now kit out your gaming keyboard with custom Pokemon keycaps, featuring detailed biomes and your favourite anime critters dwelling within

Custom Pokemon space bar with Cyndaquil and Mudkip within

Fancy gaming keyboard keycaps are nothing new, but a crafty Etsy maker has conjured up a spacebar with tiny Pokemon living inside. The custom keys feature elemental biomes paired with familiar critters, something that transforms the traditional clicky clacky part into the ultimate diorama tribute.

Created by Etsy artist BreakWooden, the Pokemon gaming keyboard spacebar features dinky Pocket Monsters dwelling in their natural habitats. Over on Reddit, IsomorphZeta shares images of their custom order, featuring specific characters and placement instructions. In other words, you can request your favourite Poke-pals and choose a specific biome home, something that’ll help each tiny world feel unique.

Custom Pokemon space bar with Togepi and Vulpix within

Admittedly, the artist’s Pokemon spacebars are on the pricey side, as they come in at around $149 USD. That’s more than you might pay for the best gaming keyboard, but when you consider the work that goes into each design, it’s perhaps a small price to pay.

Of course, the creator’s Etsy storefront includes single keycaps that house one Pokemon, so you could transform your board into an unconventional Pokeball for less.

Not into the idea of pushing Pokemon-themed buttons? Well, don’t write off BreakWooden’s store just yet, as the creator also makes custom Kirby, Naruto, and One Piece keycaps. There’s even an escape key that looks like Vegeta from Dragonball Z sitting on a thone, so you know where to look for some niche anime keyboard goodness.