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CD Projekt Red held at ransom over stolen Cyberpunk 2077 files

Cyberpunk 2077

The Witcher 3 developers CD Projekt Red are being blackmailed over some stolen files. Someone has got hold of some early Cyberpunk 2077 work and is threatening to release it on the internet if their demands aren’t met.

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CD Projekt say they’re not meeting the demands of their blackmailers, so we should see some previously unseen Cyberpunk 2077 materials arrive online, any moment now. Don't expect them to be representative of the current direction of the game, however: 

CD Projekt say they have notified the authorities about this attempted extortion, so there’s a chance that could put the perpetrators off releasing the files. 

Fans of the Polish studio’s previous work are frothing at the mouth for new details on the game, so no doubt they will seek these materials out. Just keep in mind that they are from an early build, they were never meant to be shown, and they were obtained under illicit means.  

At least the criminals won’t be profiting from this particular blackmail attempt. 

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Rock1m1 avatarhfm avatarJezcentral avatar
Rock1m1 Avatar
10 Months ago

Poor CD Projekt

hfm Avatar
10 Months ago

I have no interest in seeing the files, I'd rather wait for CDPR to tell us. Hopefully media organizations / gaming sites also don't link to the files and give these punks any signal boost.

Jezcentral Avatar
10 Months ago

It sounds like the thief spoke to the wrong people. He should have threatened gamers that he would release the stuff, unless they paid him not to. ;)