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Meet Militech - the Cyberpunk 2077 company that makes robot assassins

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed at Microsoft’s E3 conference last week, and hands-off demos have been taking place at the expo over the past couple of days. We’ve learned lot from that demo, including the existence of a character named Meredith Stout.

Meredith is an agent of Militech, which is one of the companies that rules over Cyberpunk’s dystopic future setting of Night City. But what exactly is Militech, and what does its existence in the game’s demo tell us about the game? Well, we’ve been digging into the lore of the Cyberpunk board game to try to learn a bit more about this shadowy organisation.

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Militech is part of a group of megacorporations – a large, powerful conglomerate of companies that helped bail out the US government in the wake of the socio-economic collapse that ushered in Cyberpunk’s dystopia. The debt the government owes these companies allows them to do almost whatever they like – from repealing workers’ right and environmental protection laws to gathering their own heavily-armed private armies.

Militech is the largest weapons manufacturer in the world – suggesting many of Cyberpunk’s weapons could be created by the company – and also specialises in private military contracting, offering services from assassination to full military operations. However, Militech was not always a leading figure in the industry, and made several enemies on its rise to the top. It’s possible that you have the opportunity to work for them in their quest to dominate their corporate opposition, or to undermine them on behalf of other companies.

The existence of Militech within the videogame leads us to a few characters who we could see in the game. Most notable among them are Donald Lundee, the company’s CEO, and Antonio Luccessi, the company’s founder and executive VP. Given that the company was founded in the game’s alternate version of 1996, and the board game’s lore takes place in 2013 and 2022, you might assume these characters would be dead, and hence wouldn’t appear in the game.

However, since Militech manufacture Deus-Ex-style human augments, it’s very possible that the lifespans of both of these characters could have been extended long beyond what’s possible in real-life. It’s also possible that their consciousnesses could have been uploaded to the internet – a technology that was developed by a netrunner called Alt Cunningham before being stolen and weaponised by Arasaka, a rival megacorporation, allowing them to steal your thoughts and then kill you, all via the internet – it’s very possible that this is something we see take place during the trailer (you can find the scene I’m referring to at 1:07 in the video below) suggesting that this tech is present within Cyberpunk 2077.

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