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Dan Harmon of Rick and Morty to produce eSports sitcom for YouTube Red

Arguably Dan Harmon's finest work (so far)

Dan Harmon, creator of Community and Rick and Morty, is working on a new sitcom for YouTube Red, YouTube’s subscription TV service. Harmon’s production company, Starburns Industries, is helping original creators Michele Morrow and Jesse Cox bring the show to life, bringing writers from Rick and Morty among other talent. The as-yet untitled comedy will focus on a new eSports team aiming to make it big in the world of competitive gaming. 

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Michele Morrow is an actress (with credits on Alias, no less), and producer and hostess of a number of eSports shows and convention coverage. Cox is a gaming YouTuber and streamer who has also covered conventions. The two creators will act in the show, but the stars will reportedly be Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan of the Game Grumps, a YouTube channel specialising in Let’s Plays.

Cox and Morrow talk excitedly about the project via Cox’s YouTube channel, and discuss the direction they want to take. They promise a focused look at the characters who are trying to live their dreams by becoming pro gamers, and the challenges they face in the eSports establishment, from cutthroat rivals to demanding sponsors. Cox and Morrow created their own game for the show, so don’t expect to see a story about breaking into the LoL or Dota pro scenes.

The new show comes as part of a raft of new commissions by YouTube as it pushes its subscription service, so kudos to them; there’s a hell of a lot of material for comedy in gaming – particularly in eSports – and the talent on board is undeniable.

The new show will debut in 2017. If you fancy watching something similar while you wait, check out Video Game High School onYouTubeorNetflix.