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Publisher threatens streamers with takedowns if they post Danganronpa V3 spoilers

Danganronpa is a series of visual novel mystery games by Japanese devs Spike Chunsoft. They’re published in the West by NIS America, who have just advised “streamers, influencers, and media” that they face video takedowns if they ignore the devs’ guidelines for coverage of the franchise’s latest entry.

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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony releases in North America this week, and the EU and Australasia in the next two weeks. It came out in Japan in January, but NIS America are clearly keen for nothing to be spoiled for their western audience. Here’s what they said over Twitter yesterday evening:

The word 'threat' is an inflammatory one, but that’s basically what this is, and it’s drawn a mixed response in the replies. While some are content to respect the devs’ wishes, others interpret this as an attack on the streaming community, comparing the threat with Atlus’s attempt to set similar limitations on streaming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Persona 5, earlier in the year. 

Mention of “content past Chapter One” suggests these guidelines are spoiler-based. As with Persona, the spoiler defence doesn’t seem to have impressed - at least one makes the point that viewers who don’t want spoilers can just switch off at any time, while one streamer says “if you can't trust fans and consumers to moderate for themselves it's just a slap in the face.” The view that this is a self-destructive attack on streamers seems widespread - one reply says “a streamer is the only reason I know you exist.” 

Thanks to the backlash, Atlus eventually relented over Persona 5, relaxing their guidelines such that they permitted over 80% of the game to be streamed.

This debate will run and run. Few dispute that, as controllers of their own product, it’s up to publishers and developers to distribute early copies however they wish. But is it right that, having done so, they should continue to dictate terms? 

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Darkedone02 avatarSk8erPrince avatar
Darkedone02 Avatar
6 Months ago

Boycott the game, they are basically aliening viewers on on their war against streamers because of "spoilers". Look I want to be spoiled in this game and support the streamer, if I do not want to be spoiled, I will avoid youtube and twitch to whomever is streaming the game. Fuck these dev assholes trying to tell me what I can and cannot watch, your not a form of "parental guidance for adults".

I will watch a streamer play it, I will support the streamer, and I will not buy this game because of this vile practices, congratulates, you just shot yourself in the foot, game devs!

Sk8erPrince Avatar
6 Months ago

You're the only one that's an asshole. If people could just watch a free playthrough instead of buying the game, ESPECIALLY before the game is even officially out, then that's gonna give potential buyers less incentive to actually buy the game. How about you fuck off and actually learn what is beneficial for a company before you go off spouting a bunch of bullshit?

Darkedone02 Avatar
5 Months ago

and your the asshole who support awful business practices that goes against the freedom of almost every gamer to do what they want with their purchased product.

Don't you know that if they have not pull this bullshit, I would of spread the word about it, giving a more positive message for the game to persuade others to purchase the game? If I persuade 4 others to buy the game, that's 4 purchases done and though...

But since they pull though this bullshit, I can't help with the free advertisement with such awful business practices. Atlus need to back off with this stupid shit before they ruin their great reputation down into the ground.