Ex Burnout devs have now begun work on the driving game’s spiritual sequel

Dangerous Golf trailer

Update July 27, 2016: Ex Criterion developers and the studio behind Dangerous Golf, Three Fields Entertainment, have officially started work on a driving game. 

Burnout director Alex Ward announced the news on Twitter earlier and it couldn’t really have come from anyone more appropriate. 

If smashing up scenery with overpowered golf balls sounds good to you, you’ll enjoy the destruction on offer in our list of the best sandbox games.

You could see flashes of Burnout in Dangerous Golf, with its fetish for slow-mo destruction, splintered debris and fiery explosions, but the next game from the studio will be a follow-up to the celebrated driving series in all but name. Exciting stuff.

Let’s just hope it sells better than Dangerous Golf. More on that below.

Original Story July 25, 2016: It’s a dangerous game, game development. Especially for the small studios struggling to get noticed. Even more so for a new studio hoping their first game gets them off the ground. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have worked out for Dangerous Golf creatorsThree Fields Entertainment.

According to Three Fields Entertainment,Dangerous Golf hasn’t yet met sales expectations.

In an interview with Console Obsession,creative director Alex Ward was asked whether the game had yet met sales goals.”No, not yet,” Ward explained. “We pooled our life savings to start our studio and to start making games.

“We’re a 100% player supported studio. Every copy sold directly supports our 11 person development team. The money goes to the people who actually make the game. So a big thank you to everyone who has bought our work so far!”

Unfortunately for those who have bought the game and enjoyed it, it looks like there might not be any more of it any time soon, unless it suddenly gets popular. “We’re a small indie team,” said Ward. “Tiny by comparison to almost all other teams operating on the platforms we develop for.

“We’ve always listened to feedback and our customers and we all take that really seriously. Whilst we’d love to be able to add more levels to the game – the reality is that we just can’t afford to do so.”

That feedback he’s referring to is likely the meaty update the team put out just after release, reacting to reviews and fan feedback to addfaster restarts, a new control system and a new tutorial video. It might be a while before the game sees support like that, though.

Hopefully the ex-Criterion devs’ next game, a spiritual successor to the brilliant Burnout 3: Takedown, fares better. Maybe it’ll even get in our list video: