Dark Souls 2’s trailer is not one for those that require lively colour palettes


Dark Souls 2 is out and we’ve given it a verdict in our Dark Souls 2 review.

While the title should be an indicator, Dark Souls does not take place in a rainbow-coloured world, it’s landscape is gloomy, its buildings dour, and its people dun. The latest trailer for Dark Souls 2 seems constructed to convey this greyness in the best way it knows how, throat singing and slow phase scene transitions.

Still, for a grim bugger it sure does evoke the grandiose, dunnit?

I’ve yet to play Dark Souls, though I’ve played a little of Demon Souls on the Sonybox. It was pretty hard. I’ve heard that is true of the second game also. A sense I get from the giant dragon skeleton, the demonic horse and cart, and the scaly winged monsters is that Dark Souls 2 will continue this tradition.

Beyond “2014” we’ve no firm idea of when we can expect the release of Dark Souls 2. At least we know it’s coming to the PC without the need of a petition.