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Dark Souls 3 screenshots leak, rumoured to be announced at E3

Dark Souls 3

Grab your salt bags, because this is one heck of a rumour. YouTube channel The Know has acquired a bunch of screenshots that are apparently from Dark Souls 3. The game is rumoured to be announced at E3 this month, and if that proves true then these screenshots are likely indicators as to what we’ll be seeing. 

The game is apparently confirmed for consoles, with the PC considered ‘negotiable’.

The screenshots, which show a game that looks very much like a Dark Souls game with its shadowy aesthetic and ugly monsters, also came accompanied with a variety of details about Dark Souls 3’s new gameplay features. The game will support up to four players in the same world (presumably as part of the series’ invasion element), there will be 10 playable classes which are all available from the start, and bosses will now have a “heat up” factor that changes the way the battles play out.

The world will have around 12 areas, containing 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses, plus 100 new weapons and 40 new armour sets. There will be 60 minutes of cutscenes, suggesting a greater emphasis on story than in previous Souls games.

The biggest element revealed in the leak is “Sacrifice Ceremonies” where you can sacrifice enemies in a ritual which will take you into another player’s game. When in another player’s game you’ll have a bounty on your head, and other players will be out to kill you. Performing a sacrifice will light a bonfire, too.

It’s all hot information, but completely unconfirmed by From Software. The internet is rife with speculation, with Dark Souls fans split between what looks like authentic screens but unsure of things like cutscenes. Is this what we’ll be seeing at E3 next week? Only time will tell.

Thanks, Gematsu.