Dark Souls II to re-release with ‘Scholar of the First Sin’ edition, bundled with DLC

dark souls ii scholar of the first sin edition bandai namco from software

Dark Souls II is getting a fancy new rejigged release that will bolster it with all the game’s DLC packs as well as some flash new features. 

Subtitled ‘Scholar of the First Sin’, the game doesn’t sounds as immediately defeatist as Dark Souls 1’s ‘Prepare to Die’ edition, but the First Sin is probably as equally terrifying. 

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Releasing on April 7th, the new version will pack in Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the Ivory King DLC packs.

Alongside these will be some new expanded features to enhance the Dark Souls II core game. New NPCs will add content to the storyline, balance changes will adjust and improve the combat, and improved online matchmaking functionality should help smooth out the online experience. There’s also augmented item descriptions, should you have ever felt the previous descriptions just didn’t meet expectations.

If your PC supports DirectX 11, you’ll also see graphics and sound upgrades, as well as an increase in online players to a headcount of 6 per session.

Wonderfully all these new features will be released as a patch for existing Dark Souls II owners, so if you already have the game and the DLC, you can get the features you’d otherwise be missing from the Scholar of the First Sin edition for free.