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Return to Lordran Dark Souls event repopulates the original RPG between Oct 4-14

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If you've ever got the itch to go back to the original Dark Souls, you might want to mark your calendar. Next week, fans from across the series will be popping back to Lordran to relive a classic. 

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If you go back to Lordran from October 4, you'll be able to blast on through, using summon signs and getting help with bosses, maybe even engaging in a spot of PvP with some invaders. 

Perhaps your character has been sat outside a fog gate all this time. Fire it up next Tuesday and a kind stranger might take a bow and follow you into danger, helping you finally vanquish whatever evil bars your path. 

The event began as something called Global Restart Day, but it's now morphed into this yearly bash. Things officially kick off at 5pm Central Daylight Time, and Return to Lordran runs until October 14, so there's plenty of time to get through the game again, or perhaps for the first time. Normally this is extended until the 25th, but Dark Souls 3's DLC release date somewhat got in the way.

More info, stream links and hype videos over on the official subreddit.

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e_0 Reddit avatarBen Barrett avatarWhiteCrow avatarcomeonkhan avatar
e_0 Reddit Avatar
1 Year ago

Hey! Im the moderator who made the original post. I just want to clarify that the end date for THIS YEAR ONLY is October 14th since #ReturnToTheNexus had to be pushed back due to the Ashes DLC for Dark Souls 3. Thanks!

Ben Barrett Avatar
Ben Barrett(2 hours played)
1 Year ago

Hey, sorry about that - have corrected dates and added a link to your Reddit thread. Thanks for letting us know!

WhiteCrow Avatar
WhiteCrow(2 days 19 hours played)
1 Year ago

This is fantastic! I love when communities come together like this, especially for older games. I expect some awesome stories to come out of this, and if time permits, I'll take part in it myself.

comeonkhan Avatar
comeonkhan(26 days 10 hours played)
1 Year ago

Man this is so cool, I will share this everywhere.

Thank you for reuniting the accursed ones.