Feel the fear as we revisit the 10 hardest bosses in PC gaming

Hardest Boss Battles

Remember the time when that boss caused you to rage so hard that you piledrived your keyboard into your monitor? Well we’re going to remind you of that moment right now with our video list of the very toughest boss battles in all of PC gaming. Put some relaxing music on standby; you may need it if your biggest nightmare of the past is among our picks.

They may not all be hard, but these are the best PC games around. 

We could easily have made this a list of purely Dark Souls enemies, but that would clearly be unimaginative and a bit of a cheat. So instead we’ve got one Souls bastard backed up with titans from the likes of Divinity, Street Fighter, World of Warcraft, and even Half-Life. From enemies that surprised you because they were just too high level, to end-of-dungeon bosses designed to challenge even the most hardened raider, we’ve got picks from all over the PC library.

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