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Dark Souls modder adds Halo weapons to the game

A modder has released an update for a popular Dark Souls mod that adds Halo's selection of weaponry, alongside other bits of new content

A Dark Souls player holds one of Halo's weapons thanks to the use of a mod

Around nine months ago, a Dark Souls fan released a mod overhauling the original game’s multiplayer while adding some maps, modes, and powerups from Halo. Not content to leave it there, Inferno Plus has spent six months creating an update that introduces Halo’s array of weaponry.

The modder explains that he had to add 100 new custom animations to the game so players could hold each weapon correctly as each one of Halo’s weapons has a different grip or is held in a unique position. Inferno Plus also spent time creating a new weapon category for the mod so he didn’t have to rely on model swapping the crossbow. Don’t worry, your Needler needles will pop after being stuck in the ground for a bit as 150 visual effects have also been created or recreated for the project.

The mod isn’t all about guns, though, and features oodles of improvements to the original file. You’re now getting 13 maps instead of three, new items like the Squirrel Ring that allows you to jump further, and a spell that sends you vaulting across the map.

If you’d like to see the changes in full, you can catch the video below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Inferno Plus’ original mod aims to jazz up Battle of Stoicism with Halo maps and two game types that can be played by up to 18 players. Team Deathmatch is simply about trying to beat the other team to 30 kills, while Capture the Lizard is about nicking the other team’s reptile and bringing it back to your base.

There’s a benefit to single-player, too, as weapons, spells, and abilities have been reworked while most of the co-op restrictions have been removed.

As ever, mod with caution, and keep in mind that neither Microsoft nor FromSoftware endorse this mod. If you’re looking for more of the best games like Dark Souls, you can follow that link.

Image credit: Inferno Plus / YouTube