Dark Souls meets Lego in an adorable crossover

lego worlds dark souls

Sure, there’s a remastered edition of Dark Souls on the new release list, but we really needed the game to get demastered – perhaps reshaped in Lego form. Thankfully, an intrepid Lego Worlds player had our oddly specific desires in mind when he rebuilt the Firelink Shrine in digital plastic bricks.

A little bit of in-game creation and a little bit machinima, the resulting video (which you can see below) is an incredible mashup of the familiar grim vista that opens Dark Souls with the adorable constraints of Lego faces. Most of the early map is accounted for, from the first bonfire to the skeleton filled graveyard on one side and massive bridge on the other.

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The video was created by MythicMarty, and most of what you see is fully playable in Lego Worlds. The in-game tools allow for building – obviously – as well as the placement of NPCs and monsters. Everything else consists of clever digital UI made in After Effects – seriously, look at that brick stamina bar – and some voice samples pulled straight out of Dark Souls.

Sadly, Lego Worlds doesn’t allow the easy sharing of creations, so you’ll have to enjoy this one purely from the distance of a YouTube video for now.

MythicMarty says the location took about a month of spare time work to build in Lego Worlds, with about three days after that spent making the video. He’s got plans for a second part heading into Undead Burg, so hopefully we haven’t seen the last of this impromptu crossover.