Darkest Dungeon Early Access update adds new heroes, bosses and more

Darkest Dungeon Update

Darkest Dungeon, a dark and gritty roguelike on Steam Early Access, has just received its first major update. The patch offers up two new hearty heroes to take on the ghouls and monsters of the deep: the mace and shield wielding Man-at-Arms, and the Arbalest – who has a keen eye and a deadly crossbow.

Other tidbits that made it into the patch includes three new bosses, additional loot, and the horrible ability to experience heart attacks. Eeek.

The update is dubbed “Friends & Frenzy”, and as you can imagine, it adds both welcoming additions, but also horrible consequences.

The aforementioned new heroes are more than matched by three deadly new bosses: the Gibbering Prophet, Formless Flesh and Brigand Cannon. But for the trouble of some new baddies, you can score some new loot. The Ancestor’s Trinket set is an “ultra-rare” collection of items, but you’ll only find them if the dungeon is in complete darkness. Ouch.

There’s plenty more to be had, but you’ll need to delve deep into the patch notes to find out what. Good luck!