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Darkest Dungeon update unleashes the Houndmaster and more

Darkest Dungeon Update 2

The Darkest Dungeon is about to get a little bit, darker. July 15th will signal the arrival of a brand new hero: The Houndmaster. Not much is known about this man and his trusty companion, but they’re bound to be a welcome addition to any dungeon delving crew.

Other tidbits of information include new and “awful” diseases, which couple nicely with additional Sanitarium features. Steam Cloud saves will also be enabled.

Darkest Dungeon released on Steam Early Access earlier this year; it’s one of my favourite games of this year so far.

The new update, dubbed The Hound & Corpse, will bring in a few new features into the game. Arguably the biggest is that of the Houndmaster – a man and his loyal canine friend who will accompany your rabble of heroes into the darkest depths.

Rather regrettably, there will also be a slew of new and awful diseases, which will afflict your party with various effects, hindering your progress. Your best bet is to visit the Sanitarium to get them all cleaned up should their faces start to turn green. There’ll also be corpses in combat, which probably means your heroes, should they fall, may start to work against you.

On the backend, further game balancing is being fine tuned. Steam Cloud saves will be enabled so that you can continue your adventure just about anywhere. An in-game glossary has been added, as well as various new consumables and sound effects.

You can pick up the Darkest Dungeon right here on Steam.