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Darktide Grimoire locations and uses

You’ll occasionally stumble across glowing books on your travels through Tertium, but what do Darktide Grimoires do, and where are they hiding

Darktide Grimoire locations: a soldier wielding a large hammer fights off a horder of monsters

The Darktide Grimoire locations are randomly placed in each mission, and should you survive and escape with these collectible items in your inventory, they can net you some excellent rewards. As we know all too well, you can’t take your eye off the hordes in Darktide for a second, lest you be torn limb from limb, but if you’re planning on leveling up fast, you’re going to want to take a few detours to find the hidden Grimoires.

Anyone familiar with one of the best Warhammer games, Vermintide, may already be familiar with the idea of Grimoires. They were a kleptomaniac’s dream in the co-op game; the collectibles were in set locations during each mission, and finishing the level with one in your inventory increased your rarity of loot. However, grimoires in Darktide don’t work in the same way and may leave some players scratching their heads.

Darktide Grimoire locations

The Grimoire collectibles in Darktide don’t have a specific location, and may sometimes not appear on a mission at all. From what we can tell, Grimoire locations are randomised when you begin a level and only spawn in at all if you have the Grimoire secondary objective during the mission select screen.

If Grimoires can spawn in a mission, they will appear in one of several set locations. While the full extent of these appearances is still a mystery, /u/manschardo on Reddit has been extremely diligent and put together a website showing each of the locations they’ve found so far.

Darktide Grimoire locations - a human firing a flamethrower at some corrupted humans in an industrial location.

How do Darktide Grimoires work?

If you manage to exfiltrate a mission with a Grimoire in your inventory, you’ll be awarded XP and gold, which you can spend on one of the best Darktide weapons.

Picking up a Grimoire does have its negatives; it will take over your equipment slot, so you won’t be able to use ammo boxes or med kits, and it will cause corruption, lowering your overall health. Going for one of these collectibles is a risky prospect, but the additional rewards at the end of a mission are worth it.

There you have everything we know about Darktide Grimoires, a risky but worthwhile objective if you can tear yourself away from the hordes of Tertium. Darktide is shaping up to become one of the best PC games this year, and if you’re planning on taking the plunge, we have guides to all the best builds in our Darktide classes article.