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Dauntless leaves early access this month, and no, that hasn’t already happened

The MonHun-like's upcoming 1.0 launch takes it out of early access, which was apparently not the same as its open beta

Monster Hunter-like Dauntless is set to leave early access later this month. In a press release, developer Phoenix Labs confirmed that the game’s 1.0 patch will arrive on September 26 alongside a new season of content.

If that’s giving you some deja vu, allow us to clarify. Dauntless left open beta back in May, migrating to the Epic Games store on what developers described as “our official launch date.” That patch, while clearly important, was only update 0.8.0, and apparently didn’t represent a completed game. This month’s update will be 1.0, but development is still far from over.

The new chapter – Aether Unbound – brings electrifying new weapon aether strikers to the game, as well as a new best to hunt in the form of the Tempestborne Stormclaw. The update also introduces the new bounty system, offering a new way to hunt and earn experience, as well as a new Hunt Pass (and all the rewards that come with it).

But that won’t be all – Phoenix Labs promises that Dauntless “will continue to grow and expand with new content, seasonal updates, and Hunt Passes, which will provide players with a steady flow of new content to enjoy for years to come.”