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Dawn of War 3’s getting a new mode, unit, and map very soon

Dawn of War 3 Mortis Vale Annihilation Update

Because there are always more space soldiers to kill and more skull-covered war leaders to blow up, Dawn of War 3 is getting a new update in a week. It’s being called the Annihilation Update, because of its biggest component: new game modes, called Annihilation.

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This new mode has two variants. Annihilation Classic is made to appeal to fans of the original Dawn of War – the focus is simply to destroy the “core structures” of your enemy. It’s simple, but tough to win as you’ll have to get through all of their defenses.

The other version is Annihilation with Defenses, which is at least quite self explanatory. Both teams get some of the turrets new to this update at the start of the game as a way to prevent rushes.

These turrets are available as new doctrines, unlocked and free to all players when the update hits. They’re only available in multiplayer, but the team are going to “see what’s possible” for implementing them into the single-player campaign.

There’s a new map, too – Mortis Vale – which will be available for use in all multiplayer modes, plus a free skin pack for Super Walkers. The update’s contents are going to be shown off live on Twitch June 16, 10:00 PST/13:00 EST/18:00 BST/19:00 CEST. The update itself with be coming out just a few days later, on June 20.

You can check out the full update over on the official site, which shows off the new skins and a short teaser for one kind of turret that will be available.