Dawn of War II: Retribution extra gore DLC is so bloody it can “affect battle visibility”

Dawn of War 2

It wasn’t initially clear whether the Dawn of War license made it out of THQ’s fire sale, but evidently somebody over at Relic has their hands in its code. Because it’s nearly Halloween, and because there’s never enough blood for the blood god, the studio have put together their own gore mod for standalone Dawn of War II campaign Retribution. It’s a bit silly.

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“Imagine your epic battles,” say Relic. “Now… imagine them messier!”

Simply enough, the £1.59 DLC turns up the frequency and size of blood effects so that claret is just exploding from orks in ludicrous fashion. So immoderate is the tweak that Relic admit it’ll make battles “hard to see”.

“This content is EXTREMELY bloody which can affect battle visibility when in combat,” they warn. “Subtlety be damned!”

Crucially, you can turn the thing off again – by delving into Retribution’s properties on Steam and unticking the Ridiculously Bloody Blood Pack box. As I imagine you’ll want to after the weekend (although it does occur to me that Space Hulk looks like this already).

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