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Daylight E3 trailer puts the willies up the living, stars the dead


God, this is going to get confusing. Dying Light is the free-running zombie game from Dead Island creators Techland. This is not that. Daylight is the game about scary dead people from Zombie Games. They’re both at E3. 

Glad to be able to clear that up in a totally unambiguous manner.

Daylight has this new trailer, right, and it’s full of inexplicably adjacent corridors. Inexplicable, until you remember that the whole thing’s to be procedurally generated. Presumably these are a variety of the environments we might be scared in during the course of the game.

All fear provided courtesy of Unreal Engine 4:

What do you think? I inadvertently found myself quite terrified, bracing for a jump scare that never came. Or at least, hasn’t come yet. Best close that tab, just in case.