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Daylight gets publisher and release window; let the procedural horror commence


Procedurally generated scare’em’up Daylight will be ready to make your pants wet (from fear, not the other kind of damp) in early 2014. Developer Zombie managed to get the attention of publisher Atlas with their Unreal Engine 4-powered game and with that acquired the funds to turn their prototype into a fully-fledged game.

This teaser was released back in March but it conveys why Daylight could be up there with the likes of Amnesia when it comes to inducing fear:

There are so few good horror games on the PC. Too many make the mistake of giving you weapons, a sure-fire way to alleviate any scares, simply by token of giving you the option of fighting back. Daylight doesn’t make that mistake: you’ll be armed with little more than a compass and a torch (and, at one point, a teddy bear), two things that are renowned for being naff against evil spirits.

Also, because the hospital you explore is procedurally generated you’ll be lost as well as vulnerable.

Running in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, the game is looking extremely good. Considering Daylight is set in enclosed spaces, tight corridors, and small rooms much of the engine’s power can be focused on creating high fidelity environments. A fine thing.

Cheers, PC Gamer.