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DayZ mod 1.7.6 update has zombies pull you from bikes, adds machetes, and new models

I cannot completely express how glad I am to learn that in the past year since DayZ took over a small portion of the internet that, while you could be pulled out of cars and torn apart by the undead walkers, if you were riding a bike, you could pass through a crowd of the biters without being dismounted. I am saddened that I only learned this fact in the patch notes which regarded this bug - nay, feature promoting bike safety - of the game.

Aside the sad removal of the steady bike there's a whole list of new additions which players will be welcome to see: less zig-zaggy zombies and new models for a start. Check out the full set of changes below.

There seems no discernible theme to this update, there are new things, fixed things, updated things, and known bugs (boo). So really the best way to relate the update is by copying in the patch notes from here (that link also has instructions on where to download the new patch from). Though I've emboldened the loveliest of the changes.

I'm afraid all the typos are their own.

  • [NEW] - Added a 2 minute delay to new zeds spawning once MaxLocal zeds fall's below the acceptable level.
  • [NEW] - Added new sfx for chopping wood.
  • [NEW] - Started Update for Cherno intro. (map intro)
  • [NEW] - Zed attraction, this will draw zeds to loiter closer to players over time.
  • [NEW] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT - (Heilcrash - HeliCrash_No50s)
  • [NEW] - Crossbow Quiver added - 6 arrow mag size.
  • [NEW] - WoodenArrow added 6 arrows can be turned into a quiver.
  • [NEW] - WoodenArrow can be picked up after use.
  • [NEW] - 20% of breaking WoodenArrow when firing it.
  • [NEW] - Crowbar now attaches to toolbelt.
  • [NEW] - Added Anti teleport script. Reported to server's RPT log
  • [NEW] - New models by JoeysLucky22:
    • (Soda)  Long's Island Iced Tea (Clayton)
    • (Soda)  Dr. Wasteland (Dr. wasteland)
    • (Soda)  Mikhail Made Lemonade (-=PA=-Mikhail)
    • (Soda)  LVG Root Beer (LVG)
    • (Soda)  Mountain Green
    • (Soda)  mZLY yZLY (mZLY)
    • (Soda)  R4Z0R soda (R4Z0R)
    • (Soda)  Smasht (Smasht)
    • (Beer)  Rabbitman (Rabbitman)
    • (Can) Bad Guy's Ubiquitous Peaches (UbiquitousBadGuy)
    • (Can) Chef Boneboy Ravioli (Boneboys)
    • (Can) Curgon's Chicken Noodle Soup (Curgon)
    • (Can) Demon Groves Green Beans (DemonGroover)
    • (Can) FraggleOs (Fraggle)
    • (Can) Griff Black Beans (Griff)
    • (Can) Herpy Dooves Canned Muffins (DerpyHooves)
    • (Can) Orlok Mixed Fruit (orlok)
    • (Can) Powell's New England Clam Chowder (Powell)
    • (Can) Unlabeled Can
    • (Can) Tyler's Kidney Beans
    • (Can) Conrad's Whole Kernel Corn
  • [NEW] - New models by Elvaron:
    • New melee weapon: Machete - (Farm - Hunting)
    • New Food: Pack of pistachios
    • New Food: Pack of trail mix
    • New Food: MRE military rations (Military Loot)
    • New junk loot
    • Model for Compass instead of green pouch in loot pile
    • 2rnd shells for pellet and slugshot shotgun ammunition (no more 8 bullets shown on ground when it's actually 2 bullets)
    • New models and textures for FoodBaconRaw and FoodBaconCooked.
    • Model and textures for Quiver.


  • [UPDATED] - BoltsSteel replaced with WoodenArrows.
  • [UPDATED] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo Removed from crash site's added to Military tables
  • [UPDATED] - loot weighted array generation fixed.
  • [UPDATED] - Updated logout system to check radius of zeds from 50 meters to 35 meters (30 sec count)
  • [UPDATED] - Player range on logout to 6 meters. (30 Sec count)
  • [UPDATED] - Max Range of targets 120 meters down from 300 meters. (this should help long range agro, This is zeds max target range).
  • [UPDATED] - AI behavior updated to try making them zigzag less.
  • [UPDATED] - Added push bikes to the zeds pull from vehilce list.
  • [UPDATED] - Epeen key moved to Custom Controls - Use action key 20 (No default key needs setting up)
  • [UPDATED] - Zeds Targets array modified
  • [UPDATED] - Weapon fire sounds divided by 2 (This will help us settle zeds hearing a little more) (107_DZ Zed pull range 450 meters / 2 = 225 meters (capped 120 meters aboue for now))
  • [UPDATED] - Max local zeds per client now fixed at 40 zeds, Global at 40 +10 foreach player within 400 meters and total 500 zeds max.
  • [UPDATED] - Added some Czech language
  • [UPDATED] - Updated zed attraction to dead players from 50 meters to 20 meters.
  • [UPDATED] - Players will now drop empty cans after consumption to nearest lootpile or creates new one.
  • [UPDATED] - Updated Infection to cough, shake camera and loose blood.
  • [UPDATED] - Updated russian string tables.
  • [UPDATED] - Backpack Spawns should now see higher grade backpacks more.
  • [UPDATED] - Deer stands has it's own loot table (Hunting).
  • [UPDATED] - Reduced Zed Running Speed.


  • [FIXED] - Zeds talk, lowed to 80 meters down from 200 meters this will stop any zeds targeting for sight/noise outside of this radius
  • [FIXED] - CookedBeef StringTables now added.
  • [FIXED] - Spanish, French StringTables updated.
  • [FIXED] - logout timers updated from sleep 3 to sleep 1 this should now fix long logout timers.
  • [FIXED] - Zeds should no longer walk though all objects. (Some objects can still be walked thought)
  • [FIXED] - Updated refuel to attract zeds. (3-6 Meters)
  • [FIXED] - EH's updated to work with bettleye filters.
  • [FIXED] - Ammo counts now fixed on dc.
  • [FIXED] - Zeds will no longer magically hit players just becuase there within 3 meters. ( Zeds can no longer dmg without running the attack animations. (running into zeds will no longer dmg the player))
  • [FIXED] - Fixed some base class's for vehicles reporting issues with crew
  • [FIXED] - You can now logout with a broke leg.
  • [FIXED] - Temperature icon should not disappear anymore.
  • [FIXED] - Humanity should now work increase again.
  • [FIXED] - Chemlights and flares now work again.
  • [FIXED] - time is now set on startup.
  • [FIXED] - Hatchet and crowbar don't require reload anymore.
  • [FIXED] - Hatchet and crowbar no longer overwrite each other.
  • [FIXED] - Exploit when converting Mags into other mags (Example - DMR to M24 then back)
  • [FIXED] - Blood particles not shown for player.
  • [FIXED] - Hide body animation not shown for player.

Combat Roll

  • [Fixed] - No longer possible to combat roll with broken leg
  • [Fixed] - Added 4 sec delay to multiple rolls.
  • [Fixed] - No longer possible to combat roll over player created objects (tents, sandbags so on)
  • [Fixed] - No longer combat roll in buildings.


  • [REMOVED] - Chase combat logging systems removed. (Removed due to ealry warning of agro)
  • [REMOVED] - Debriefing window has started to be cleaned up. (blank box on dc)
  • [REMOVED] - BearTrap Due to issues with the trap still staying active after removal.
  • [REMOVED] - DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1 Due to us no longer planing to remove backpacks from new spawns.
  • [REMOVED] - All chance based systems for sight and sound from zeds they will now only agro if in view or your making noise. Should allow more freedom to move.

Known Bugs:

Zombies attacking tho objects.

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