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DayZ standalone video shows 20 minutes of in-game footage


Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has broken cover and released a 20 minute video showing the new DayZ standalone game in action, it’s the first time we’ve seen the new game running and it’s a pretty one.

We get to see the depth of the new inventory system, some social animations, and hordes of flesh-eating zombies.

The things which really stood out from the video are the smaller details, things like the depth of the new item system and some of the animations that have now been built into the game. For instance, at one point we see one of the players pick up a can of food, eat from it, and leave behind and empty can. I don’t know what possibilities this really opens up for how we’ll play the game (though I really want to see someone build a giant can fort, with a sign outside saying “Can we build it? Yes we can!”) but it’s a level of depth that’s missing from the mod and it doesn’t need to necessarily have a purpose going in, so long as it is there for us to play with.

The social animations, too, are pretty lovely additions. Previously, it was clear that DayZ was a mod of a military simulator, all the actions in the game are tailored towards combat maneuvers, so to see social animations makes the avatars seem less military-focused is ace, especially for cowards like me because when I played DayZ I’d run from all fights and now I feel catered for.

We’ve still no word on a release date for DayZ but with this devblog video expect to see more footage coming out from the game soon.