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You can now catch mad cow disease in DayZ

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Bohemia Interactive had finally added a feature to DayZ we’ve been crying out for since the launch of the standalone version in Early Access. At last we can water plants. Now only that but you can now collect human flesh, mend balaclavas, and they’ve fixed the vomiting exploit palyers were using to gain energy.

Oh, they’ve also added trucks and mad cow disease.

The sexily named 0.51.125720 is a grab bag of excellent additions. For a start are the long awaited vehicles. Until now getting around Chernarus has been limited to how fast you can run. Now you can hop into the V3S, a heavy-duty military truck, and drive from town to town.

Jerry cans and a refueling mechanic have also been added so if you want to drive across the map you’ll need to keep on top of your fuel needs.

One of the new items in the change log is ‘Human Flesh’. It gives no further details to the grim addition, whether you can find it on the corpse of any downed player or whether you need to go at them with a saw.

If you’re not put off consuming humans from a moral standpoint you may want to look out for the newly added Prion Disease. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies will, in scientific terms, fuck you up and is transmitted by consuming infected meat. You may have heard of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, otherwise known as Mad Cow Disease. Eating bad meat will get you ill, eating someone who’s eaten bad meat will also make you sick, too.

The full changelist has been copied in on the next page.

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