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One of the most brutal survival games ever is about to get even bigger

Brutal survival game DayZ is getting a new expansion, Frostline, and this cold volcanic archipelago will push players to their limits.

someone in a warm hat, snow gooogles, down jacket, with a rifle holstered over their shoulder, looking out over a snowy landscape

DayZ, one of the most difficult survival games out there, is about to become even tougher. Its upcoming Frostline expansion will force players to manage their warmth, hunt for food, and fight off players and other dangers. DayZ has come a long way from being just an Arma 2 mod.

DayZ Frostline introduces a new region, Sakhal, 83 square kilometers of “rugged and forgotten volcanic archipelago in the far east, where time has stopped.” It may be beautiful, but it’s deadly, and the large, open spaces will make you easy pickings for an enemy sniper. Staying alive in this survival game will be difficult, but some new winter-themed cosmetics will hopefully help you blend into the frigid surroundings.

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A new announcement trailer shows off the landscape, littered with dilapidated buildings and grazing animals. Although the land is brutal, it also offers you the means to survive it. New animals will be added to DayZ that have adapted to the frosty climate, giving you more hunting opportunities. There’s also an updated fishing mechanic to help you fill your cold belly.

There are more threats than just the cold, however. Be aware of new diseases you’ll have to avoid, and “discover the hazards of living near volcanic areas.” If you think that sounds a tad ominous, you’re right, but developer Bohemia Interactive hasn’t given any further hints. Expect the unexpected, maybe sudden lava flows or tremors from deep within the volcano.

The DayZ Frostline expansion will release in Fall 2024, so we’ll have to wait a little while before we can get our cold – but not dead – hands on it. For now, you can wishlist Frostline on Steam.

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