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Watch the Survivor GameZ V finals right now; first event within DayZ standalone

The Survivor GameZ V

The biggest and most popular DayZ and Twitch personalities are fighting for survival in the fifth Survivor GameZ right now. A last-man-standing deathmatch, 30 players run, scavenge and kill to be crowned the winner, all within DayZ’s massive environment.

Survivors have already fallen, but there’s plenty more to go. If you’re looking for some lazy Sunday entertainment, we’ve got the stream embedded below.

Watch live video from SurvivorGameZ on www.twitch.tv

The Survivor GameZ V marks the first event held within the standalone version of DayZ. If you want some context on the origins of the Survivor GameZ. its progression and its return, our Jules spoke to DayZ lead producer Brian Hicks about the Hunger Games Esque mod.

I’m rooting for Sacriel – who are you championing?