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DC Universe Online’s new episode will let you confront Trigon


New details have emerged for Episode 17 of DC Universe Online’s extra content, which will launch this October. Episode 17 will have two main chunks of fresh stuff, the first of which being called Unholy Matrimony. 

This eight-person Operation has players battling alongside Raven as she confronts her daddy issues (and her actual daddy), by tracking down Trigon after his escape from an ethereal prison. As soon as he’s out, he has plans to destroy all mortals. I’d be getting a curry or something, but this guy means business – so you have to stop him.

Many players will have been looking forward to the confrontation with Trigon, as Unholy Matrimony picks up where Episode 8, Sons of Trigon, left off.

The second chunk of content is The Flash Museum Burglary, which carries on the League of Assassins storyline. “The League of Assassins has broken into the Flash Museum in Central City in an attempt to steal an artifact from an alternate reality, Talia Al Ghul’s scimitar,” says the official blurb. “In this duo, players must navigate through the museum – an all-new zone – to keep the artifact out of the League of Assassins’ hands.”

Members can grab Episode 17 for free from the website, while non-members can buy it from the same place when it releases in October.

You can watch the recorded livestream unveiling below: