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Free Steam keys: A zombie MOBA? Win a copy of multiplayer undead shooter Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance is a multiplayer-focused game about shooting zombies. Nothing new there. However, it’s the range and variation of multiplayer modes that Dead Alliance has that help it differentiate it from the rest of the shambling, groaning crowd.

For starters, how many zombie MOBAs have you played before? Our bet is that it’s none. Dead Alliance could be your first, then. The idea in that particular game mode is to capture your opponent’s base, but to get there you’ll need to move and shoot through lanes filled with the undead.

This is something that Dead Alliance finds fresh ground in time and again. That is: take a current multiplayer game mode and simply add zombies to shake it up. How about Deathmatch but there are zombies in the way, or Capture the Flag but – yes, you guessed it – you need to run through swathes of gore-faced shufflers.

Dead Alliance has the full suite of customisable character and gun options you’d expect from a multiplayer first-person shooter, too. And, if you need practice or your mates aren’t online yet, it has a solo survival mode and single-player ops for you to take on.

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