Dead by Daylight potentially getting custom maps next patch

Dead by Daylight patch 6.1 could allow players to create custom maps, as new footage of a retiled MacMillan Estate is shared by Behaviour

The Trickster from DBD

Dead by Daylight patch 6.1 could mark the arrival of customisable maps, with a new video from the multiplayer horror’s official Twitter showing a reworked MacMillan Estate, just weeks after players speculated on changes in the public test build.

Home to The Trapper, the cleaver-wielding, bear-trap laying killer farmer, who launched with the original game in 2016, the MacMillan Estate appears to have some additional or altered maze tiles – the generic, environmental components used to build Dead by Daylight’s realms – bringing more palettes, hiding cupboards, and windows for survivors to jump through.

Dead by Daylight maze tiles come in various forms, and are often referred to as “gyms”. A “palette” gym is a C-shaped section of wall with an obstacle survivors can drop to slow down a pursuing killer; a “jungle gym” is so named because it allows for the greatest amount of movement, containing both an obstacle, and a window that survivors can pass through to evade their would-be murderer.

The footage on Dead by Daylight’s Twitter, teased with the caption “How did these tiles get here? Coming soon”, seems to show a version of the MacMillan Estate, revamped with new gyms and maze tiles.

This combines with speculation from the June public test build (PTB) of patch 6.1, where players also observed changes in the MacMillan realm, and posited they could indicate an upcoming new feature, whereby players will be able to customise maps by modifying the amount and types of different tiles.

DBD Leaks, a Dead by Daylight fansite, reported on the changes in the MacMillan map, tweeting “On PTB, you can encounter weirdly generated maps from The MacMillan Estate realm. This is first [sic] test of “User Generated Map”. Which basically would allow players to modify how given map is generated.”

Though custom maps would mark a significant and vitalising change to Dead by Daylight’s asymmetrical gameplay, it is also possible that the official footage is simply intended to tease alterations already made to the MacMillan Estate by developer Behaviour, as part of a straightforward attempt to rebalance the map ahead of the next update. We will have to wait until the launch of patch 6.1 to find out for sure, which is currently expected on July 19.